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Bovetti, Artisan chocolatier

mirando en google encontré esta delicia!

 : The history of the company

In 1985, at the age of 27, Valter BOVETTI leaves its native Piedmont to settle down in France, after one year in Switzerland in catering. At first, he is responsible for the production in several biscuit factories before creating his own company.


: Creation of the Chocolate factory established in Aubazine (Corrèze).

Automatic manufacturing of original chocolates : the chocolate nails
(400 kg/day) and tools, thanks to a genuine prototype of more than 20 meters length created by Walter BOVETTI.
1995 : For the first time, Bovetti participates to le Salon du Chocolat (chocolate show) in Paris.

1996 : Creation of the « Christmas Walnut ». Originality of the packaging in a canister originally used for foie gras.

First International fair (SIAL Paris) : order for 30 000 metal boxes for Korea.

The chocolate nails and tools are bought by Hédiard, the famous gourmet store in Paris.

1997 : First national sales to Leclerc supermarkets.
Prospecting mission in Korea and Japan. Exportation to Denmark.

1998 : First operation for "terroirs de France" in Monoprix and beginning of the collaboration with Maximo (the biggest brand concerning home deliveries)  

1999 : Participation at the Chocolate show in New York.
First order for the United States.
Creation of the chocolate fondue.

2000 : Creation of « La Noix du Périgord noir ».
Beginning of the building of the new chocolate factory - 1400 m2 - in Terrasson (Périgord).
2002 : Travel to the “cocoa origin” : Walter Bovetti participates in a mission to Venezuela organized by the Chocolate University.

In July, opening of the new chocolate Bovetti factory with a new concept : Production area, chocolate museum (were you can see all the stages from the cacao-trees to the making of chocolate) and shop in a same place.

2003 : Creation of a wide range of hand-made chocolate bars in dark, milk and white chocolate with spices, fruit, flowers, seeds  and a range of chocolate spreads.
An original range of Easter mouldings is especially created for the national coffee shop chain Coffea.
2004 : Nespresso buys the Bovetti individually wrapped chocolates.
Beginning of the partnership with Sothys (French leader of cosmetics in beauty Institutes) : more than 80 000 chocolate skincares are produced.
Creation of cocoa pasta presented and elected « innovating product » during SIAL in Paris. Many newspapers articles and interview of Valter Bovetti in the national TV news.
More than 12 000 people have visited the Chocolate Museum since its creation 2 years ago.
2005 : Creation of a new innovating (and registered) packaging for the chocolate bars. Now there are more than 70 different varieties including single origins and special chocolate for diabetics.
Exports to USA and all around Europe (Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Spain).
2006 : Walter Bovetti  travelled to Sao Tomé, named the « Chocolate island »
(first African country that imported cocoa trees) where he created an association with 5 friends chocolate makers and he sponsored two plantations (see the page dedicated to fairtrade).
New exportations to Russia, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, China and Japan.
Release of a new and innovating range of chocolates for Aperitif : rosemary leaves, coriander, fennel, anis and mustard seeds coated with chocolate elected « innovating product » for Sial 2006.

2007 : The project of extension of the chocolate factory and the chocolate museum is launched. The development or exportations goes on and represents now more than half of the production of chocolates Bovetti. Exports in Europe with 19 countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Spain...) and in the United States, China, Canada, Russia...

2008 : First exhibition at the ISM in Koln (Germany) and at the New York Fancy Food Show.

2009 : Beginning of the extension of the buildings. The surface will be doubled.

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